Vega Protein & Greens Berry Flavor, 21.5 oz Powder

Getting daily protein shouldn’t be a chore. Vega protein and greens gives you a simple, satisfying protein boost of 20 grams of plant-based protein-for only 120 calories per scoop. Vega protein and greens delivers a complete amino acid profile from multiple, plant-based sources: pea, saviseed (sacha inch), hemp, and sprouted whole grain brown rice. And to help you digest the protein fully-so you’ll get the most possible nutrition from every serving-Vega protein and greens includes food-based enzymes from papaya. With the equivalent of two servings of veggies (including kale, spinach, broccoli, and alfalfa), Vega protein smoothie is so healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make that fitting the goodness of greens into your on-the-go life will feel-and taste. Like a piece of cake. Just add ice-cold water, shake and go, or blend into a delicious smoothie. Serve up Vega protein and greens in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Product Features

  • 20 grams of complete protein from a multisource plant-based blend
  • 21 servings per container, 29g per serving
  • 2 servings of veggies via Vega’s signature greens blend: kale, spinach, broccoli and alfalfa
  • Only 110 calories, no added sugar
  • Made from non-gmo ingredients; vegan, dairy, gluten, and soy free; no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

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8 thoughts on “Vega Protein & Greens Berry Flavor, 21.5 oz Powder

  1. I have tried dozens of protein powders from many different brands, running the spectrum from whey isolates and caseins, to soy and other vegetarian-based powders — including Vega Sport Performance. I have a personal training background and am in the gym 4-5 days per week, so I tend to rely on protein supplements to help round out my macronutrients. Vega is a brand that consistently puts out high-quality products with minimal (or no) fillers, so I was expecting good things with the new Protein…

  2. I drink a protein shake almost everyday for lunch so I’ve tried pretty much all of the more natural powders and Vega makes a very good quality product. It’s definitely a little pricey, but it seems to be made with excellent quality ingredients and it tastes good. The thing I really appreciate (and the reason I am willing to pay a little more for it) is that unlike some of the other “natural” powders they don’t sneak artificial sweeteners like aspartame (NutriSweet) into it. The only…

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