Luzianne Cold Brew Green Tea, 22 Count

Authentic Southern iced green tea – it’s so simple, yet so healthy and satisfying.  With Luzianne Green Tea you can enjoy all of the benefits of green tea while enjoying a refreshing glass of authentic fresh brewed iced tea.  Since 1902, our family company has been specially blending teas for iced tea so you can enjoy the clear, smooth, refreshing taste of Luzianne from pitcher to glass every time. Available in 24 count family size quart tea bags and 60 count single serve tea bags.

Product Features

  • No need to boil
  • Just steep in cold water and in a few minutes you’ll have that authentic Luzianne taste for all to enjoy
  • Specially blended, cold brew, ready in minutes delivering great taste
  • Specially blended for iced tea, no boiling or sun required
  • 100% Natural and from specially selected leaves to make a clear and smooth tea.
  • Enjoy the tea season with Luzianne tea, family owned since 1902
  • Each box delivers 22 family size tea bags making over 5 gallons or 44 – 16oz bottles of tea

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2 thoughts on “Luzianne Cold Brew Green Tea, 22 Count

  1. Fabulous tea! Made it easier to give up soda. First off, you must know that I am a recovering Pepsi addict.I am trying to get away from all the sodas with high fructose corn syrups.I still love carbonated drinks, and am allergic to aspartame, so my substitutions have been very limited.There are so many great flavored drinks out there, but the manufacturers seem to want to load them with aspartame or even splenda. I prefer stevia, but good luck getting that for less than $1 a drink! (Crystal Light is really missing…

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