Lipton Green Tea Bags – Red Goji & Raspberry – 20 ct – 3 pk

Exotic Flavored Green Tea

Red Goji and Raspberry Green Tea Bags are a unique combination of the exotic flavors of red goji and raspberry with green tea. This unique blend offers a diverse and refreshing experience. The natural green tea blend is selected from the finest grown tea leaves and is mixed with protective flavonoid antioxidants. It serves as a suitable companion for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Contains 112 mg of flavonoids per serving
  • Delicate aroma with a pale green color
  • High on quality and pure in taste
  • Can be enjoyed both as hot and iced beverages

Tea naturally contains zero calories which makes it instrumental in weight control. Lipton Green Tea Bags are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

Just For You: Flavored tea drinkers

Essential Elements: It consists of 112 mg of flavonoids per serving and can be enjoyed both as hot and iced beverages.

Free of: Calories, added preservatives and coloring

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