Lipton Green Tea, 100% Natural 100 ct

Pure and simple, our all-natural green tea is made of the finest leaves from around the world. Clean and delicious, make this tea part of your daily routine. Plus, green tea naturally contains tea flavonoids. Lipton tea is 100% natural. No preservatives or colorings. Nutrition experts agree that calorie-free tea is an excellent beverage for hydration. Healthy adults should consume 74 fluid ounces (2.2 l) for women and 101 fluid ounces (3.0 l) for men of fluids every day. Rainforest alliance certified. At Lipton, we take a hands-on approach to sustainability. When it comes to making great teas, we know the better treat the land, the more you’ll enjoy your next cup.

Product Features

  • All natural green tea is made from the finest leaves from around the world
  • LIPTON Tea is 100% natural. No additives, preservatives or colorings
  • 165mg Tea Flavonoids per 8 fl oz serving
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Lipton, for people who love tea

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2 thoughts on “Lipton Green Tea, 100% Natural 100 ct

  1. Decent tea for the price and convenience Lipton teas are always dependable. This green tea is no different. If I want tea in bags, I will turn to Lipton. This green tea is a bit weak to my taste, and I do like the version that incorporates a citrus flavor better.Lipton makes this tea for mass production and for people who don’t (or can’t) control their water temperature. This is the tea that is provided in our snack bars at work. So you can make it with boiling water without tasting too much bitterness.A…

  2. Lipton goes global. A good green tea for beginners Lipton is certainly branching out these days, with herbal teas and green teas and supercharged antioxidant teas. It’s nice to see healthy tea options have become more mainstream.Lipton’s Green Tea is fine. It’s not too bitter, not too light. It tastes somewhere between a cup of regular black tea and the kind of tea you get poured at the Chinese buffet.Green tea (and white tea) is considered a lot better for the body than black tea, as it contains more antioxidants. This…

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