Lean Greens Powder 500 Gram – Super Greens Supplement with Digestive Enzymes

When being healthy just doesn’t fit with your crazy, busy lifestyle, Lean Greens gives you access to better health without the hassle.

We created Lean Greens to provide you with better health when it just isn’t an option to go for a 60 minute workout, and preparing perfectly healthy meals every day.

If you’ve struggled to maintain a steady intake of vegetables on a daily basis, then Lean Greens is ideal for you. Lean Greens helps in the following four key areas of health.

Gut Health
Less Cravings
More Energy
Improved Bowel Movements

What’s In Lean Greens? 5 of the most powerful grasses and algae, creating an alkaline blend helping flush your body of toxins. 3 Superfood Vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals, keeping you topped up all day. A Fruit Combo of Blueberries and blackcurrants, widely regarded as some of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet. – 6 Digestive Enzymes, aiding gut health, reducing that uncomfortable bloated feeling and building health from your inside out and finally the metabolic and energy powerhouses of Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea to give the blend an extra zing!

Mixes Easily In Water Just one 15g scoop needed a day. A tub contains at least 30 days supply. Mix with water or add to your juices and smoothies

Product Features

  • GREENS POWDER Designed to energise and detox, packed full of nutrients from vegetables and grasses.
  • ELIMINATE CRAVINGS & control your hunger. No need for will power to stop eating cakes and cookies.
  • SUPERGREEN POWDER that provides jitter free energy Lean Greens will give you a natural energy boost
  • BEST TASTING GREEN DRINK designed for taste as well as health. Unique taste guarantee
  • BECOME BLOAT FREE The raw vegetables and grasses in Lean Greens are perfect for cleansing the gut

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  1. Lean Green I just started taking lean greens. Not a big fan of salads and such. Tried this to replace nutrients and alsoto curb snacking. I travel a lot, so it is tough eating proper. This product looks perfect for my schedule.Also presently surprised at the taste. It is pretty easy to drink. I would recommend this product. This is my second post on Lean Greens 500. I usually don’t add posts. But this product is worth it.I seem to have a little more energy. I have been using…

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