Greens Powder – Amazing Berry Original MD Formulated Green Superfood Powder Super Greens mix w/ Wheatgrass Goji Acai 24 Raw ORAC Immunity Boosting Detox & Alkalizing Grass Superfruits Probiotics

What Makes our Super Green Food Powder so Special?

Let us begin with the Flavor!

• While most supergreen powders taste horrid we have included NATURAL blackberry and blue raspberry flavors that make our powder refreshing and delicious when mixed with just water!
• Next, our supergreen powder was formulated by a renowned physician and biochemist, Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks who sits on our medical advisory board. This means that you are truly getting a green SUPER food that has been formulated based upon scientific research to deliver amazing amounts of healthy benefits.

Just the Facts

Each and every ingredient we have included is there to provide you with a healthy benefit. Read the supplement facts box on our label. You will not find any fluff or fillers.

What you will find is:

• Perfection Veggie Blend: spinach, broccoli, beet, maca, carrot, Japanese knotweed.
• Green Grass and Leaf Blend: barley grass, wheat grass, moringa, green tea, alfalfa.
• Fruit Life Preserver Blend: goji berry, acai berry, rose hips, raspberry juice, camu camu, pineapple, acerola cherry, watermelon, blueberry, black pepper.
• Digestive Enhancing Enzyme and Tonic Blend: protease, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulose.
• Prebiotic, Probiotic and Gentle Cleanse Fiber Blend: psyllium husk, FOS, flax seed, lactobacillus acidophilus.

Finally, our supergreen powder is NEVER gritty and dissolves in water with just a simple stirring with a spoon. No blender or special equipment is required.

In summary, when you are holding a container of LEAN Nutraceutical Bursting Ripe Berry Green Superfood Powder you are holding the best scientifically formulated functional food your money can buy.

Congratulations on choosing to give yourself and those you care about the very best.

Product Features

  • DOCTOR FORMULATED for LEAN Nutraceuticals by Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, renowned physician & biochemist
  • Synergistic Blend of 5 Green Grasses & Leaves + 10 Superfruit Life Preservers from around the Globe
  • AMAZING Flavor with 6 Root & Leaf Veggie Antioxidant Blend + Super Duo Algae Protein Mineral Blend
  • A Powder Boosted with Probiotics, Pre-biotics & Fiber THEN Elevated w/ Digestive Enhancing Enzymes
  • PLUS Essential Vitamins and Minerals. The Easy Effective Way to Give Your Body a Natural Super Boost

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3 thoughts on “Greens Powder – Amazing Berry Original MD Formulated Green Superfood Powder Super Greens mix w/ Wheatgrass Goji Acai 24 Raw ORAC Immunity Boosting Detox & Alkalizing Grass Superfruits Probiotics

  1. Boosts energy This Green Superfood Powder comes in a sealed plastic container with a scoop to portion your greens. I’ve used other greens and with this one you add more than I am used to adding. I usually add mine to pink lemonade crystal light. It has a unique taste to it. It isn’t very sweet which I was originally worried about. You taste the sweetness first then get the strange aftertaste of greens after but it is still very drinkable, wasn’t a horrible flavor. I have also tried them in smoothies and I…

  2. Tastes Amazing with Superpower Nutrients I usually supplement my diet with a pure wheatgrass powder or some wheatgrass powder blend containing digestive enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants.I am not always in the mood for a straight shot of pure wheatgrass powder. I don’t like mixing it up with smoothies – I use one scoop in 6 oz of water, mix and gulp. You kind of have to acquire a taste to take it straight. I was looking for a pleasant tasting green blend that has the same health benefits as wheatgrass powder – with a…

  3. I’m super excited for this I’m super excited for this. I have Gastroparesis cause by Ehlers danlos syndrome. It’s horrible but sticking to a mostly liquid diet with supplements is helping. I make smoothies everyday with a vitamix. The flavor isn’t horrible but it has a different taste. Wheatgrass on its own is much worse. I have a hard time getting that down. I can drink this way easier and it’s so much better for me. I use the protein shake mixers to make this with a cherry/Apple juice. I’m drinking it twice a day. I…

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