Green Smoothies and Protein Drinks: More Than 50 Recipes to Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Look Great

The green smoothie is hands down the best supplement to any diet. With at least one green smoothie a day, your body will not only receive an extra boost of nutrients, but will eventually crave these healthier foods naturally. Slowly but surely, unhealthy foods will be replaced by healthier counterparts, and your overall diet and well-being will benefit from the change.

With fifty delicious and nutritious healthy green smoothie recipes, advice and information on digestion, food combining, detoxing, fighting disease, weight loss, and diet, this guide really packs a punch. You’ll learn why it’s vital to cycle your greens regularly, why smoothies are superior to juicing, why eating local and food sustainability are important to the ecological integrity of our entire planet, and tips for getting your kids to enjoy green smoothies, too. This book also answers the most-asked questions people have about green smoothies such as:

  • How long do green smoothies keep? 
  • Should I be concerned about oxalic acid in spinach? 
  • I’m a vegetarian/vegan, what protein options do I have? 
  • And much more!

While the recipes are fantastic on their own, they can easily be used as templates with the useful preparation tips within. Learn about adding healthy fats such as virgin olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil, and get advice on eliminating separation and foam. Everything you need to energize, look good, and feel great with green smoothies is packed within.

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3 thoughts on “Green Smoothies and Protein Drinks: More Than 50 Recipes to Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Look Great

  1. Great recipes + a good solid introduction to green smoothies **Disclaimer: I received a review copy. As you can see, my review is honest and heart-felt.**I’ve read a lot of health-books, detox books, and I’m the author of 2 books on juicing and writing a next book on smoothies, so I was very interested to read this new book on green smoothies and protein drinks.Here’s what I really enjoyed: The author’s candor and his introduction about why green smoothies are good for you. He does this in a friendly and easy-to-understand way…

  2. Great Book–Thank you Jason! Thank you Jason for this follow-up book with protein. I really enjoyed being introduced to healthy green drinks when I received the gift of your first book, “The Healthy Green Drink Diet.” The recipes were great (the Strawberry Patch is a favorite) and easy to make. I was actually wondering how I could make the drinks even healthier since my days at work are busy and I know that there are many empty calories in much of the food we eat. I like knowing that the nutrient-packed drinks I have…

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