Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango Drink Mix (Makes 10-Quarts), 1.85 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 12)

Crystal Light Drink Mix

Water has never tasted so decadent. With a medley of delectable flavors, Launched in 1982, Crystal Light puts a bold spin on “diet drinks” and introduces you to a lighter way to live. Create a delicious refreshment with our mixes – whether you and your 4-inch heels are turning sidewalks into catwalks or you’re meeting the ladies for an after-work gossip session. So let that hair down, put on that mini skirt and enjoy low calorie, zero guilt Crystal Light.

Stay Light !
  • Only 5 calories per serving, 0 carbs
  • 90% fewer calories than leading beverages
  • Sugar free, Low Sodium
  • No caffeine and low caffeine options.

There is a Crystal Light type and flavor for everyone to enjoy !

No matter how you want to Stay Light, there is a Crystal Light Classic sugar-free flavor to satisfy your thirst. Enjoy it by the pitcher or on-the-go ! Just to name a few, here are a few of the refreshing flavors; Lemonade, Raspberry Ice, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea and Raspberry Green Tea.

How about a Mocktail ? The night is young and so are the men. Be the life of the party – guilt free. New, low-calorie mocktails are virgin drink mixes that pair well with girls’ night outs, intimate soirees and outrageous flirting. The only question is, do you take your margaritas with or without crushed ice?

Crystal Light Liquid: A guilt-free liquid drink mix that combines the vibrant flavors of Crystal Light with the convenience and portability of on-the go beverages.

Crystal Light Energy: To help you feel energized and stay light.

Product Features

  • Pack of twelve, 1.85 Ounce Canisters (total of 22.2 Ounce)
  • Sugar and carbohydrate free
  • Zero trans fat

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3 thoughts on “Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango Drink Mix (Makes 10-Quarts), 1.85 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 12)

  1. You may need to do a little math to ensure the Amazon quantity is a good deal The product gets 5 stars.This review is more of an FYI. The product amount is not the same as what is typically found in grocery stores (see uploaded image). In the grocery store, you can usually find the 1.8 Oz can that contains 6 packets that makes 12 quarts. That is not what you are getting here. You are getting four 1.2 Oz cans that each contain 8 packets that make 8 quarts.The packets of the store-bought can make 2 quarts each. The Amazon-bought can packets…

  2. Refreshing, and very similar to Jose Cuervo Margarita mix! Margarita mix is expensive and usually laden with calories (well, alcohol is too!). I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, but when I do, I almost always order Mojitos, Margaritas, or Sour Apple martinis. I love the taste of them and thus the alcohol taste isn’t overpowering for me.Therefore I was delighted to discover these new Crystal Light mocktails in my local grocery store (about three bucks a canister). The Crystal Light Margarita mix tastes just like Jose Cuervo Margarita mix to me,…

  3. DO. NOT. BUY. You’ll regret it, even if you like the drink. I love the drink, don’t get me wrong. I loved it so much that I bought a big package of these containers at what seemed like a great price, and put them on my storage shelves. Well, this week I opened a container and one package had somehow opened and the container had somehow gotten moisture in it, because it was a sticky mess.When I checked the other containers I found a second one like that, too. You can see from the photos that the wrapper has not been broken, yet because I have…

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