Biopharma Scientific NanoGreens 10, 12.7-Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

NanoGreens10 Vegetable and Fruit SuperFood is a super greens food that supplements your diet with up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Product Features

  • Nanogreens is the most often Doctor recommended fruit and vegetable green drink
  • The Pure Organic Nutrition in NanoGreens will make your body come alive with energy
  • Each serving supplies 10 servings of fruit and vegetable phytonutrition

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2 thoughts on “Biopharma Scientific NanoGreens 10, 12.7-Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

  1. Nanogreens 10 Nanagreens 10 was recommended by a physician to help boost my husband’s immune system while he undergoes chemotherapy for Stage IV Lung Cancer. Although, it is only one supplement of a few others that are a part of his arsenal in battling Cancer, it has made a significant difference in his health and energy level. He is winning this battle. The oncologists deal with the right chemo to kill cancer, but products like Nanogreens 10 have been significant in keeping him healthy and keeping Cancer…

  2. Product was an expired non original manufacturer supported product purchased this product and was thrilled as it saved me almost $15 per bottle. When I brought this to my local chiropractors attention (hoping to get the same deal) she contacted the manufacturer directly who informed her that they have seen this before and that the product is expired, hence the reduced price (not sure why the manufacturer is not destroying expired…

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