AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Iced Tea Stix Sugar Free, 1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Combining the great taste of Pomegranate with the healthy heritage of green tea, you form a delicious and feel-good beverage. Plus, with this mix you get to enjoy all the delicious flavor and health benefits without the guilt of calories or sugar. You’ll also get the protective antioxidants that tea and pomegranate naturally contain, so it’s good for you too. This new on-the-go powder mix is perfect to add to a16 ounce or a 20 ounce bottle of water. It’s convenient in weight, size, and can be transported or stored easily.

Product Features

  • Pack of 6 (total 6 oz)
  • Sugar free
  • Made with Splenda
  • Makes sixty (60) 16.9 fl oz bottles of Tea
  • More tea content than other iced tea mixes

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3 thoughts on “AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Iced Tea Stix Sugar Free, 1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

  1. Good for non tea drinkers too I was looking for a drink mix I could keep on hand to add to my 24 oz water bottle that was mildly flavored and didn’t taste like chemicals.I don’t care for the flavor of tea, so I was skeptical at first, but the tea flavor is quite mild and not very noticeable. Now, I’m hooked! I have little packets stashed everywhere.I don’t use the recommended ratio of water to mix, so I’m drinking a watered down version of the product, but it’s still very flavorful and helps me to drink…

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